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Comments and opinions from East Lubbock Community Alliance members.

South Carolina & Gun Control: A Commentary

Courtesy of Jared Strange Like many, the recent attack on a historic AME church in South Carolina touched me in a very dark way. Not only did it sadden me to see so many taken in such a violent fashion – in the House of the Lord, no less – it called my attention to a certain numbness that is creeping into the minds of many, including myself; it stems from the grim truth that these acts of ter...
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Thanking Cathy Pope: A Commentary

Courtesy of Aretha Marbley. [caption id="attachment_709" align="alignright" width="261"] Cathy Pope[/caption] Happy New Year!! Please join me at the beginning of 2015, thanking my CoChair, Ms. Cathy Pope, CEO of Star Care Specialty Health System, (formerly Lubbock Regional MHMR Center), for her hard work and dedication not only to the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood Grant, but also to the Lubb...
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#SelmaForStudents: A Commentary

Courtesy of Brandale Randolph. It started in with a simple FaceBook post. Brandale Randolph December 26, 2014 at 10:07 am · I want to take 10 kids from different parts of the city to go see Selma, feed them & video tape the discussions that they have among themselves. Just putting this out into the universe. This idea was put out there, into the Universe and ninety three comments late...
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“Undoing Racism” Workshop: A Commentary

Courtesy of Margaret Randle. Participation in the training on Undoing Racism led me to the following thoughts. We have been defining racism on more of a surface level. We need to understand the true meaning of racism. We as community leaders need to know the history of our country and its development. Too often we believe everything we see on the television, in the newspaper, or what we ...
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Why the Alliance?

Although the East Lubbock Community Alliance has met for more than a year, under several names, most of that time was spent getting to know each other and defining our purpose and structure. Finally late in September 2014 the members of “The Alliance came to a consensus on a vision, mission, focus areas (which are reflective of the Imagine Lubbock Together Plan) and monthly activities and started ...
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The East Lubbock Community Alliance ("The Alliance") is a collaboration of community partners who have come together for the betterment of East Lubbock. The Alliance works to ensure all Lubbock citizens have equal opportunities and are encouraged about their future. The Alliance meets monthly to provide a community forum for recommendations and feedback, participates in an East Lubbock-based pr...
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