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South Carolina & Gun Control: A Commentary

Courtesy of Jared Strange Like many, the recent attack on a historic AME church in South Carolina touched me in a very dark way. Not only did it sadden me to see so many taken in such a violent fashion – in the House of the Lord, no less – it called my attention to a certain numbness that is creeping into the minds of many, including myself; it stems from the grim truth that these acts of ter...
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Citibus Access to the Department of Public Safety

Below is a letter of support that the Alliance (signed by Cathy Pope). May 27, 2015 Lubbock City Council 1625 13th Street Lubbock, Texas 79401 Re: Citibus Access to the Department of Public Safety Dear City Council Members: The East Lubbock Community Alliance (The Alliance) is a collaboration of numerous community partners (including the City of Lubbock) who have come together f...
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