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“Undoing Racism” Workshop: A Commentary

randle-mCourtesy of Margaret Randle.

Participation in the training on Undoing Racism led me to the following thoughts.

We have been defining racism on more of a surface level.

We need to understand the true meaning of racism.

We as community leaders need to know the history of our country and its development. Too often we believe everything we see on the television, in the newspaper, or what we hear. We need to learn to question, challenge, and seek the true facts for ourselves. Don’t drink the koolaid because someone tells you to drink it!

We need to understand the United States Constitution.

We need to invest the time and energies into becoming community organizers if we are to change the system which is one of the reasons that racism runs rampant.

We need to push voter registration throughout the year rather than only when there is an upcoming election.

We need to become more involved in the community at the grassroots levels and empower the individuals that actually live there.

We need to build a higher level of trust between the community and the Alliance.

Steven Covey discusses 7 habits of highly effective people.  It is ok and necessary that we are aware of situations around the country as well as the world.  We need to understand how those events and policies affect us at a local level. More importantly, what can we do here to change our system?

Individuals at the grassroots level need to be trained and encouraged to run for political office if we are to change the system.

Quote from Shirley Chism:

 “Racism is so universal in this country, so widespread, and deep-seated, that it is invisible because it is so normal.”

My thought:  You know you are in trouble when racism becomes normal!