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Citibus Access to the Department of Public Safety

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Below is a letter of support that the Alliance (signed by Cathy Pope).

May 27, 2015

Lubbock City Council
1625 13th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79401

Re: Citibus Access to the Department of Public Safety

Dear City Council Members:

The East Lubbock Community Alliance (The Alliance) is a collaboration of numerous community partners (including the City of Lubbock) who have come together for the betterment of East Lubbock, working to ensure all Lubbock citizens have equal opportunities and are encouraged about their future.

The Alliance is concerned about the lack of Citibus access to the new, far-north location of the Texas Department of Public Safety, for all Lubbock citizens, but primarily for the Lubbock citizens living in the northeast/east part of the city.

Currently, the Citibus stop closest to the Department of Public Safety is over one (1) mile away, necessitating citizens walk along Martin Luther King (MLK) Boulevard. This trek presents significant safety concerns, as much of MLK is unimproved, without sidewalks.

Access to the Department of Public Safety is imperative for all Lubbock citizens because it is the place at which people obtain state-issued, photo identification cards. As you are aware, state-issued, photo identification is required for many day-to-day activities, such as voting, applying for a job, opening a bank account, purchasing certain cold medication, adopting a pet, etc.

The members of The Alliance strongly encourage you, as members of the Lubbock City Council, to pursue every available option to secure Citibus access at least two (2) days per week to the Department of Public Safety office, located at 1404 Lubbock Business Park Blvd, Suite 100.

For more information about The Alliance or about our support of this issue, please do not hesitate to contact me. I may be reached directly by calling (806) 535-7673 or at cpope@starcarelubbock.org.

Thank you for your continued hard work on behalf of all Lubbock citizens.


Cathy Pope, Chairperson