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The East Lubbock Community Alliance (“The Alliance”) is a collaboration of community partners who have come together for the betterment of East Lubbock. The Alliance works to ensure all Lubbock citizens have equal opportunities and are encouraged about their future.

The Alliance meets monthly to provide a community forum for recommendations and feedback, participates in an East Lubbock-based project or event and supports transparency and communication among all organizations and people participating in the life of East Lubbock.

The Alliance meets the first Monday of every month from 11:30-1:00pm at the StarCare Institute located at 517 North Zenith.


To support organizations operating in East Lubbock to develop a transparent and highly communicative network.

To be a monthly forum for community feedback and recommendations.​

To design and deliver a monthly project or event in East Lubbock.

Why the Alliance is important to you

  • ​Too many children are failing in school
  • Economic development is too slow
  • Our neighborhoods need more improvements
  • Too few people are registered to vote
  • Too few adults have high school diplomas ​
  • Too few people have employment