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Lubbock County Dispute Resolution

Lubbock County Dispute Resolution

The Lubbock County Commissioners created an Alternative Dispute Resolution System in 1985. In 1988, the Office of Dispute Resolution began receiving regular referrals from the District Attorney. Mandatory mediation for divorcing couples began in 1989. In 1991, mediation for civil cases became mandatory, as well as moderated settlement conferences for County Court at Law cases. Since 1999 the scheduling order for all civil cases has included a mandatory mediation date.

The South Plains Association of Governments administered these services until 2003. At that time, Lubbock County assumed responsibility for operating the system and the various services it provides.

In 2000, Governor Bush appointed, and in 2004 Governor Perry reaffirmed, our ADR System to administer the USDA Mediation Program in Texas. In January 2006, the Office of Dispute Resolution officially became a Domestic Relations Office (DRO), providing family-related services. With the DRO designation, the Community Supervision program began in December of 2006.

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Member Representatives:

Kristi Thompson
Gene Valentini