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Reach Community

Reach Community

REACH endeavors to extend across denominational, generational, and socioeconomic lines through servant- evangelism, mentoring, youth and family building and peer-to-peer discipleship. Alisa’s philosophy is that “a divided church will never conquer a unified hell.” Thus, unity within a firm Biblical context is foundational to all REACH programs and goals.

Founded in 2007, the vibrant endeavor of R.E.A.C.H. Community comes from the organizations statement of purpose: R.eaching E.very A.dult. C.hild and H.ome. The epicenter of its impact comes through Biblical principles and: Meeting people right where they are through AUTHENTIC, CONSISTENT, RELATIONSHIP. REACH Community grew out of the increasingly dismal future picture of today’s youth culture and their families. Through AUTHENTIC, CONSISTENT, RELATIONSHIP, with countless volunteers, over the past two years REACH Community is already seeing a difference in dropping community neighborhood crime rates, and RELATIONSHIP is being established by truly “being the CONSISTENT hands and feet of Jesus!”

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Member Representatives:

Eddie Marcus

Alisa Sizemore