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For more than 50 years, the YWCA of Lubbock has been a champion for women and families on the South Plains, setting the pace on critical issues that impact quality child development and family services. The YWCA of Lubbock serves the community needs and uses positive opportunities for fitness, fun, and family as a means to address our primary mission of empowering women and eliminating racism.

Empowering Women
Our programs sustain our core mission of supporting women as they take care of their families and address their own health, personal development, education, and career aspirations.

The YWCA’s high quality childcare programs allow women to work and prepare children to succeed when entering public school. These programs—Child Development Center (6 months-preschool), Head Start (ages 3-4), YW-CAre (after-school care for elementary children), summer day camps (preK-5th grade), Special Needs (children with emotional and behavioral problems, physically and/or mentally challenged children ages 4-17)—keep children safe and actively engaged while their parents work.
In addition, the annual YWCA Women of Excellence Awards Dinner honors professional women for their leadership and exceptional accomplishments in their community and work environments.

Eliminating Racism
In the late 1800s, women of the YWCA recognized that racism in America was denying millions their rights and freedoms. Despite significant progress, the ravages of racism and hate crimes continue to diminish us all. The YWCA of Lubbock offers education and supports advocacy efforts to shape public policy on these issues and lend support for a treasured American right: equality and justice for all.

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